Saturday, December 1, 2018

Slytherin Quilt Part 1

My oldest, Jaiden, is a Harry Potter freak!  There's nothing about the series she doesn't know nor own! She's even in the Harry Potter Club at her school.  I'm telling you, a Harry Potter freak!

This is a "light" HP day.  Shirt, scarf, headband, pants, and socks.
For Christmas, I wanted to do something different for her since there is nothing she really wanted.  I decided to make her a Slytherin quilt.  This coming together very easily and fast.  I'd have to say a basic knowledge of sewing with get you through this.  And it's not just limited to Slytherin, you could use any of the House colors.

*I am writing this as I am sewing.  I have no real plans yet as to the final look of the quilt.  I will go back and edit when I am finished.  The amount of fabric needed may change as I add boarders and any other embellishments.  As of where I'm at right now, all squares sewed and rows formed, I've only used over a half of yard of each piece.*

4 different green material patterns- 1 yard each
4 different silver/white material patterns - 1 yard each
Backing material- I use flat sheets

1. To prepare the material to cut, I've always ripped/torn off the salvage ends and gently pulled the material side to side.  This will help the fabric line up and give you straight cuts.  
2. Iron the material to get out and wrinkles and the factory center crease.
3. Fold the material in half and then in half again.
4. Cut 4- 4.5" wide strips from each of the 8 pieces of material. (32 strips)
5. Put 2 strips from each color off to the side. (16 strips)
6. Take the remaining 16 strips and match them up so that each pair is 1 white strip and 1 green strip.
7. Sew the pairs together using 1/4" seam allowance to get 8 strips.
8. Press the seams with the green on top.  Then open up the seam and press.  Ironing the seams is a very important step in quilt making.
9. Cut the strips into 4.5" wide sections to get 4.5" x 8.5" rectangles. You should have 72 pairs.

10. Take the 16 strips you set aside and cut into 8.5" lengths to form 4.5"x 8.5" rectangles. You should have 64 rectangles.
11. Match up the 8.5" strips to the double blocks and sew.
12. Press seams towards the 8.5" strip.
*Note- You're going to end up with 8 of the double pieces with no 8.5" strip.

13. Start sewing your blocks together. I put the green band face up on the left side.  Then put the white band face down on top with the white band at the top.  I then sewed on the right side, where the scissors are.

14. Press seams.

15. Continue on sewing  and pressing to form 9 rows with 7 blocks in each row.  You will want 5 rows with the green band starting off the row and 4 rows with the white band as the 1st block in the row.  You will have 1 block left over, using 63 of the 64 blocks.

This is the end of Part 1.  I will update within the next few days for Part 2

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