Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kentucky Lemonade

This is an awesome drink that I just discovered recently. It's perfect for your outdoor summer parties!! Be sure to serve in a Mason jar.

Kentucky Lemonade

1 cup sugar
1 cup hot water
1 cup fresh lemon juice, about 5-6 lemons
3-4 cups cold water
6 shots of Kentucky bourbon

1. Dissolve sugar in hot water.
2. Add lemon juice.
3. Fill pitcher with ice and add cold water.
4. Stir.
5. Pour a shot of bourbon in each glass.
6. Add ice and pour lemonade in glass.
7. Enjoy!!
Makes 6 servings

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Balloon Fest 2010

This past weekend, Ryan and I went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival here in Ohio. It was really neat, I have never been that close to a hot air balloon before. The balloons were not able to take off because the wind was blowing a little over 10 mph, but it was still neat to see them. This is the actual Remax balloon used in the commercials. Night Sky Diving!!! Way neat!!

Sky Diving w/ American Flag

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Alive!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I am alive and well! Our family has had a very busy last month. First my uncle Carl died, then my mom fell and sliced her wrist open on a screw, causing her to need 7 stitches, and this past week, my sister was involved in another car accident. She was stopped at a light and a truck pulled out of a parking lot and hit her from behind going over 35 mph. She was driving my mom's car at the time and it is totaled. The back seat of the car is now in the front and the guy's license plate number is imprinted on the back of the car. Luckily, she was not majorly hurt, just still very, very sore. I have also had farmer's market since the beginning of June. I am doing 3 markets this year unlike just the one from last year. I cannot keep up with business. I am at the point where I am getting too big to keep working out of my home, but not quite big enough to buy a building. It's a good problem to have!! So, my days have been spent making pickles and jelly and going to markets.

I am sorry that my blog has been neglected! I am just so focused on my business right now. I am hoping for some free time next week to be able to post a recipe or two. Until then, thanks for sticking with me! And, I'll be back to regular posting soon!!