Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chili Face

This morning I warmed up some chili from last night's dinner for breakfast, yeah chili! We are not a traditional breakfast food eating family. I left the bowl on the table just in case we wanted some more. I left the baby gate opened and I noticed that Arya disappeared. I called for her but no answer. In fact, it was quite quiet in the kitchen. This picture was how I found my bundle of joy. She had the curling ribbon I just bought dipping it into the chili. She had it in her hair, all over her nightgown, and the table. What a mess!! I had to rinse the towels and nightgown before I even attempt to wash them with other clothes. Oh, and to top it all off, she had a full diaper. There are just some days I wish I had a job!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Crispy Pops

There are several different recipes on the web for chocolate covered rice crispy treats on a stick. This is the one I liked the best and of course cannot find the original site where these were listed. They used regular chocolate but my family prefers white chocolate so I used it instead.

You'll need:
Rice crispy treats - I used store bought
lollipop stick
sprinkles - found at Walmart
wax paper

1. Melt chocolate using your preferred method. I like using the stove but I know some like the microwave.

2. Insert stick into treat a little less than half way.

3. Dip into chocolate.

4. Place on wax paper and add sprinkles.

5. Allow to harden and remove from paper.

Burp Cloths

These are a very easy and inexpensive gift for any new mother or yourself. You can make them in sets of four and tie with a pretty ribbon or just make one. You could even match the fabric to the holiday (ie. Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas).

To make these your need:
Gerber pre-fold diapers - sold at Walmart in 12 pack for $12.00
Cute flannel material

1. Throw fabric and diapers in washing machine. Set to hot wash and let machine run cycle. (I did not use detergent do to the sensitivity of baby skin.)Throw in dryer and let completely dry. Iron all material flat. ****These diapers tend to shrink in the wash. By washing them in hot water, it should take care of the problem of future shrinkage.****

2. You now need to decide how wide to make your strip. I decided to have the strip run in between the two inner lines on the diaper. So, I cut my flannel strip 4.5" x 18.5".

3. Now, you can either iron under the edges of the strip so you have clean edges or you can fold under the edges as you sew. I hate to iron so I folded as I sewed.

4. All finished.

Friday, September 26, 2008

For the Love of a Child

This is the second book by Betty Mahmoody, author of "Not Without my Daughter". For the Love picks up after Betty arrives back in America. It tells of her re-acclimation to American society after living in Iran for 2 years. I do have to admit that this book isn't nearly as good as the first but, it does lay to rest several issues not resolved in last one. The book goes on to tell of others who were in the same situation that Betty endured in Iran. She calls these parents "left behind parents". I skipped over several of the others' stories. Not that I am not sympathetic to their stories, I just wanted more of Betty's.

For the Love tells how she came about writing Not Without and the movie deal for her story. The book also tells of all the interviews she did once her story got out and the famous people she met.

Betty does describe why she doesn't hide and did not go into the witness protection program. She says she never lets her guard down that Moody might find her and live up to his promise. The book also has a small section about Moody's reaction to her escaping from his prison.

I cried several times reading this just having to imagine what I would do if my husband stole my daughters and left me with no contact. There was one part where a dress is talked about where it was purchased(I can't give it away, you know if you read it)that I laughed so hard!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chocolate for your "Mummy"

I got these molds at Michaels for $1.99. They had all different kinds. I then found the same ones at Walmart in the Thanksgiving aisle, of all places, for much cheaper. Walmart has mummies, pumpkins, and witches fingers. These were really easy to make. Just follow the directions on the back of the mold.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Coffee Cup Christmas Card Holder

I saw these before Christmas last year and thought they would be too cute to make. These can be used for pretty Christmas cards, photos, "special" artwork, or recipes. These are inexpensive to make, the plaster will be the biggest cost. I got my mugs at the Thrift Store for less than $0.29. If a mug has stains on the inside, just fill the cup with plaster to hide them.

You'll need:
16 gauge floral wire (3 for each cup)
coffee cup
plaster of Paris
old plastic bowl
wooden stir stick

1. Bend one end of each wire into a swirl design.

2. Bend the other end of each wire into a a "messy" circle shape. This is done to give the plaster a little more to "cling" to instead of just the thin wire.

3. Place two of the wires inside the cup. These will be the side wires.

4. Mix your plaster according to the directions. Pour into cup. I just mixed enough to cover the curled part of the wire stem.

5. After about a minute place the center wire into the cup. You might have to hold this for a few seconds.

6. If needed, add more plaster to the cup to get to desired level. I went a little less than way up. Any plaster splatters can be wiped of with a wet paper towel. Any plaster on the wire will come off with a little scraping.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

"I have not exaggerated the wrongs inflicted by slavery....Only by experience can anyone realize how deep, and dark and foul is that pit of abominations." Harriet Jacobs

This book was published in 1861 and written under the pseudonym Linda Brent. Many years later, it was reveled that Brent was a slave named Harriet Jacobs. She was born in slave North Carolina and she learned to read and write when she was young. At about the age of 11 she was sent to live as a slave to a doctor "Dr. Flint". Flint subjected her to repeated sexual advances and when the advances got worse, she tried to escape to the North.

The book tells about how she repeatedly ran away to try to gain freedom from her captors. She even hid in a relative’s attic for 7 years waiting for the right time to escape. She watched her children grow over the years through cracks in the attic walls. She never told her childern where she was because she was afraid they might be pressured to tell. She survived the cold winters and the hot summers living in a small crawl space where there was not enough room to stand or even stretch out completely.

I cried several times reading this book. I just couldn’t put it down after I started reading. I think I was up until 3 a.m., eyes barely open, but I had to finish!

I found mine at Half Price Books but, I am sure it can be found at your local library or Amazon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blast from the Past Fall Crafts

My mom cleaned out the garage and found these crafts that I did when I was younger. These are what was left over from a craft show. Some are in really bad condition but considering how old they are, they look fairly well.

This a a witch pencil topper made from 2 green pom poms, wiggle eyes, felt hat, and a red pony bead from the mouth.

A Turkey pencil topper made from a brown pom pom, wiggle eyes, bumpy pipe cleaner, and feathers.

Next is a pumpkin ring. It is made with a orange pom pom, orange pipe cleaner, green pipe cleaner, wiggle eyes, and a black piece of rick rac.

And finally, a turkey candle holder. He is made using a brown macrame bead, wiggle eyes, bumpy pipe cleaner, and feathers.

It was fun going through these old crafts again! I think I might make some of the pumpkin rings for my next show. Jaiden wanted them but they are not in the best condition for her to play with.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jazzed Up Clipboard

I saw these Controlling My Chaos and thought they were so pretty and had to try it for myself. Mine is no where near as pretty as hers but, I like it! It was my first one and I have a long way to go! She has all the instructions you will need to make one for yourself. Maybe this is an excuse to buy some paper crafting supplies?? I got the clipboard at Deals Dollar Store and the paper cost a big 20 cents. I am going to have to go get some pretty ribbon to add to the clip to make it look nicer. Not bad for a $1.20 though!

Pixie & Dixie

This is one of the best cartoons ever! Jaiden loves to sit on my lap and watch Pixie and Dixie on the computer. It's a special treat!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Magnetic Memo Board

Fun and easy to make memo board. This memo board took me less than 5 minutes to make and I have $1.20 invested in it. It can be hung on the fridge or it has a hole in it making it able to be hung on the wall. I would have loved something like this when I worked in an office cubicle. I would have put a push pin through the top and hung my pictures that way to get them off my filing cabinets. It also would be a great addition to any locker.

To make this you'll need:

1 magnetic memo board - found at Deals Dollar store
1 piece scrapbooking paper
spray adhesive

1. Spray board with adhesive and place paper on top. Be sure to work quickly and smooth out any wrinkles. Cut off any excess but, be sure to leave about an inch all the way around. Lightly spray the edges and press them to the back.

2. If you want it to hang on the wall, be sure to punch out hole.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tape Cassette Purse

A BIG THANKS to Tami Walker for allowing me to post her video on my blog! Be sure to check out her site BoxyQueens and her other You Tube Videos

Creepy Candle

Just what every haunted house needs; a Creepy Bloody Candle. Very simple to make. I melted a red candle in a make-shift double broiler on my stove and then took an old spoon and ladled over a new taper candle. I put wax paper down over my table for easy clean up and used a mason jar to hold the candle while I was pouring the wax over.

I am trying to work on a very neat candelabra to hold these but, most stores do not have very much out right now. When I can find some plastic spider webs, I'll post it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Not Without My Daughter

I absolutely love this book!! "Not Without My Daughter" by Betty Mahmoody. I read it for the first time around 1990 and have probably read it 5 or more times. My grandmother is the one that introduced me to this book. We were so excited when I found out that a movie was being made but, were SO disappointed!! The movie was a really bad take on the book.

The story beings in 1984 when Betty Mahmoody agreed to go to Iran along with her 4 year old daughter to visit her husband's relatives. Betty's husband, Dr. Sayyed Bozorg Mahmoody, held her and their daughter hostage in various relatives' households for almost 2 years. Mahmoody tells Betty that she is free to leave Iran any time she wishes to return to American but she must leave her daughter behind.

The book continues about Betty's struggle to get her and her daughter out of a country where (at that time) women had no rights. She refuses to leave without her daughter. It is a harsh journey on how she struggles mentally, physically, and emotionally to get her and her daughter to safety.

You might be able to locate this book at your local library but, it is also available from Amazon for $7.95 new.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Team Spirit Key Chains

Really easy to make key chains that shows off your team spirit. I made a Cincinnati Bearcats, Miami University (my alma mater), Cincinnati Reds, Ohio State Buckeyes, "Who Dey" for the Cincinnati Bengals, and of course, I had to make one for me! I sold out of these last year at the craft shows (I sold them for $3.50 a piece). All supplies that I used can be ordered from Boleks

A Cluster of Spiders

Cluster or colony? I've heard it called both. Either way, it's a group of spiders!! Really neat and easy craft from Hershey. I glued one of the flaps under before I glued on the eyes to make a flat surface. It took 2 pipe cleaners cut in half for the legs. I did wait a few seconds before attaching anything to the candy after I put glue on it. Super quick and easy! Oh, Hershey said not to eat the candy but I checked one and it was okay; probably just for "legal" purposes.

Yes, this was one of my big glue gun projects that was delayed yesterday!

Spooky Candy Dish

Okay, okay, back to real posts. I really did lose my glue gun yesterday and had a all day hunt for it, I also had to have some fun with it!!

This is a combination of the gumball machines and a Halloween project I saw at Michaels. I went to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Walmart gathering supplies. Walmart has the glass bowl ($1.97) cheaper than Hobby Lobby ($2.99) by a dollar. Michaels had the pots for a total of $3.00 but I thought that was expensive so I tried Hobby Lobby. The total cost for the pots there was $1.50. A BIG difference! This took about and half of an hour to make and overnight to completely dry. I would like to have filled it with more candy but no one really has a good selection of candy out yet.

Acrylic paint (I used black, gray, green, and purple)
Sponge paint brush
2 - 4" clay saucers
1 - 4 " clay pot
1 glass bowl (Walmart sku 3100927117)
1 - 1 1/4" wood ball (flat on bottom)
E 600 glue
1 plastic hand (Dollar Tree 12/$1.00)

1. Paint everything (not glass) with a basecoat of black paint.

2. Use brush apply to apply green paint sporadically over pot. While still wet, do the same with the gray and then purple paint. Be sure to blend each color with the other colors.

3. Assemble pots: Glue glass bowl into saucer. I used my finger to spread the glue around the bowl for good coverage. Next I glue the ball to the saucer that is going to be the lid. Then I glue the saucer with the glass to the upside down pot. I leave it to set for 10 minutes and then I come back and glue the hand on the knob. (Do not glue lid to glass bowl)

4. Let dry overnight or several hours for proper curing time. When dry, fill it with spooky Halloween candy.

Just to clarify: The lid does come off so you can add candy or take a piece.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A.P.B "Gluey"

Official Police Report, "Missing: A.P.B. issued on one glue gun AKA "Gluey". Gluey is 20 years old, black with a red handle, and has a metal tip that is scorched from many years of use. Gluey was last seen among Amber's craft supplies which means he might never be found.

Gluey may be armed (with glue stick) and should be considered dangerous. Gluey is NOT a low temp gun therefore, has been known to cause burns, welts, and the occasional bad word from owner.

If seen, please contact Amber. She has a really neat Halloween craft that she wants to share with everyone on her blog but is impossible without Gluey."

UPDATE: At 14:00 the following photo was released from the crime scene.
The search still continues with no new leads.....

UPDATE: At 16:10 Gluey's car was found wrecked into a tree. Glue sticks were everywhere and there was even evidence of melted glue on the steering wheel.
Gluey was not found at the scene. Investigators have one more location to search. If that location proves be dead, the search will be abandoned....

UPDATE: At 22:45 I am happy to report that Gluey has been found. He ran off to get married to "Wilma Wood Glue" and was found in the bottom of a tote of blankets.

How he got there I may never know. When you have a 3 year old and a 16 month old many things in life remain a mystery!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Footprint Plaster Tins

A neat gift for any new mother. These tins have plaster in them that allow you to make an impression of your baby's footprint that will last forever. I have done a set of three tins: the first one is for birth, the second for 6 months, and the third one is for when the child is a year old.

The total cost for the project was about $2.50. I got my tins at the Thrift Store for 9 cents each. My biggest expense was the plaster.

To make 1 set (3 tins) you'll need:
3 round, shallow tins that ascend in size gradually
2 12x12 sheets pretty paper
Mod Podge or tacky glue
alphabet stickers
spray paint for metal (I used Krylon)
3 sandwich size zip bags
Glitter Mod Podge, optional

1. Remove any stickers from tins (ex. nutritional value stats). Paint tins desired color. It took 2 coats to completely cover tins. Let dry at least 4 hours before moving to next step.

2. Using the compass, draw circles to fit on each lid on back of paper. Make sure to leave about 1" difference on the paper circles than on the lid. Cut out circles. I practiced on regular paper to I got the right size.

3. Position paper on tin lid and use Mod Podge or tacky glue to glue to lid. Make sure to follow directions on glue for drying time.

4.Use alphabet stickers to make "titles" for each lid: When I was born, When I was 6 months old, When I was 1.

5. Optional step: Brush glitter Mod Podge over entire lid for a sparkle look.

6. Fill each plastic bag with about 3" of plaster and place in tin.

7. Type out these directions and include in each tin:
Pour 1/2 cup of cold water into bag. Kneed plaster until smooth. Squeeze into tin.Tap tin on table and test plaster. If too soft tap again and test after 1 minute. (This may take a few minutes) Press child's moist foot into plaster. Let dry uncovered for 1 week.

8. Stack tins and tie with ribbon.

My Puppy

Okay, so she's not a puppy! This is Daisy. She is a 6 year old Shepperd mix. I found her when she was 6 moths old abandoned in a cemetery. Daisy was covered with fleas and had been severely abused. I have a thing for lost dogs so I took her in.

Daisy is nothing but a big baby!! She wants to sit in your lap and be carried around but at a 120 pounds it is almost impossible!! She doesn't know that she isn't a lap dog!