Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Remodel Part 2

We are well under way in our remodeling adventure. As I type, Ryan is in the cellar running the plumbing for our new bathtub. We tore out all of the old dry wall in our soon to be bathroom, removed a build in cabinet my dad made that we used to store kitchen items in, and have run electric for the medicine cabinet lights. I have also painted half of the room and done any necessary drywall repairs. We are hoping to have the bathtub installed completely by this weekend. And, are hoping to begin tiling the shower no later than Saturday. It is a slow process! Everyday after Ryan gets home from work, we chisel away at the bathroom, keeping the end result in our minds. We did take last night off to pay some attention to the girls. It will be so nice once it's all completed!!

This is a sneak preview of the wall color in the bathroom and a custom towel cabinet my BIL Ryne made.

This is the hole in the floor for the bathtub drain
This is another look at where the kitchen sink was and where the new bathtub will be
This is what my kitchen currently looks like. You could play I spy with this picture... I spy a bathtub, a sink pedestal, a laundry hamper....
This is where the custom cabinet was. Now the cabinet my BIL made and the sink will be here.

Hopefully this weekend, I will have some more completed bathroom pics to share!


Crafty Sue said...

They say "slowly does it"... little by little the pieces will come together just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Doreen said...

Very well said Sue! You will soon bless the decision you made when you look back at the before and after pictures. I admire you and Ryan, God bless you and your sweet girls.

Ginger said...

woo love this cant wait to see more.
It's a big undertaking to redo but aww when it's does pure joy.
You all have a wonderful weekend
big hugs