Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FBCT - Frozen Buttercream Cake Transfer

This is Arya's cake that I made for her birthday party! I was so happy with the results and got a lot of nice comments about it! The transfer for the cake is made using the frozen buttercream cake transfer method, FBCT.

It is really easy to make, I practiced twice before I made my official transfer for the cake. I had never used the piping bags to decorate anything other than cookies. I really needed to practice the technique of tracing. After I felt comfortable, the rest was a breeze! (Click on any pic to make it bigger)

Wilton Black Decorating Icing (comes in a tube)
Pipping bags and attachments- coupler, coupler ring, decorating tips. (I used small round, medium round and star tips.)
wax paper
coloring book page
masking tape
small icing spatula
icing/frosting (I cheated and used store bought in a can)
coloring/tint to color your icing
portable surface, IE. cutting board, cookie sheet, etc...

1. Clear out a space in the freezer to accommodate your portable surface.

2. Cut or print out the coloring book page (CBP) and tape it down to your surface.

3. Cover the CBP with wax paper and tape it down.

4. Using the Wilton Black and a round tip, trace your CBP. I used both small and medium. You'll want to think of this as in layers, if needed. For example Jerry's whiskers would be the first layer I traced and his face the second. This is so that when he is turned over and put on the cake, his whiskers will be on top of his face and not under it. Also, any thin lines that go off the image, as in his one set of whiskers, do not trace these, add them later. The didn't transfer very well. (The pic is of my first attempt)

5. Use your coloring to tint the icing to the desired color of each part. I used light pink of his ear and tongue, light brown for his body, and white for his eyes.

6. Fill your piping bags with the colored icing and attach tip. I used the small round for the smaller areas and the star tip for the large areas. When the image is fully covered, use the icing spatula to evenly spread the icing and to fill in any areas that might have been missed.
7. Put your image in the freezer to harden, I left mine in overnight.

8. Have your baked and iced cake ready to go. Take the transfer out of the freezer, carefully remove your transfer from the portable surface, and place it on the cake. (Icing side down, wax paper on top)

9. Rub lightly over the transfer to "set" it on the cake. Very carefully, take one corner of the wax paper and begin removing it from the transfer.

10. Go back with your Wilton Black and fix any necessary areas or to add thin lines like the whiskers (mentioned above in step 4)

Remember, your image is going to be backwards, so print any words in a mirror image so it will appear correctly on your cake.


Crafty Sue said...

Amber your cake is beautiful!
How clever! I'm sure Arya was thrilled and also proud of her clever mom.
I 'm sorry I missed the birthday post, I was away in Malta. I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

Doreen said...

Bravo! You did an excellent job and thanks for the tutorial. Arya must really have been thrilled!


Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Arya you little cutie!
Never new how to do a fancy cake thank you so much amber for the tutorial ( you rock!)Have a slice of cake for me to please!hugs