Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello Again

Hello again to everyone! I been away for awhile keeping busy! We finally began remodeling our kitchen! I now how a sink, cabinets, and counter tops in my kitchen like normal houses do! We're doing all the work ourselves, so it is a little slow going. Here are a few of our "in progress" photos

We decided to go with purple, yes purple, for the walls! I love it! Our floor is called "lay down vinyl" and it's the best thing ever!! You just unroll the vinyl like a rug and cut off any excess! No glue or anything! I love it!

You can look at the "before" pics under the label "House Remodeling". We've come a long way!!


Crafty Sue said...

Hi Amber... how nice to see you posting again. I think your kitchen is getting along just fine, I am sure it will be great once finished and geee what a great satisfaction for you and your hubby since you're doing all the work yourselves.
I hope the little girls are fine, would love to see pictures to see how much they've grown. I really missed your posts. Now... don't stay away too long.

Doreen said...

Hi Amber, how lovely to 'see' you back in the blogging world. Well done on your kitchen, it's looking really lovely!
Thanks also for your comment on my blog, hope you too had a lovely Easter.
Doreen : )

quilt32 said...

That sounds like it will be a very exciting kitchen.