Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bounce Dryer Bar & Scotch Brite Toilet Scrubber

It's been a long time since I did a product review, so I thought it was time. Today I am reviewing 2 different items, Bounce Dryer Bar and Scotch Brite Toilet Scrubber.
First up is the Bounce Dryer Bar.

The Bounce Dryer bar is meant to add tons of convenience to your every day laundry. Instead of putting a new dryer sheet in your dryer each time you do laundry, you just stick this bar into the dryer and it last for 2 months or 4 months. Let me just say,this wonderful!! You get your choice of 2 or 4 month bar and your choice between 2 different scents. Since I didn't know if it would work, I bought the 2 month starter kit in outdoor fresh scent. The starter kits comes with 1 dryer bar and the holder. The holder simply sicks on the inside of your dryer and has little release tabs that allows you to insert a new bar when it's time. The nice thing about this bar is that you do not even have to keep track of when it's time to change the bar, the bar has a built in indicator that lets you know it's time. You simply remove the old bar and insert a new one.
I do a lot of laundry having 2 small kids, at least 2 loads a day, and my dryer bar is keeping up really well. I thought it would go a lot faster than 2 months, but I am 1 month in and it is not showing any signs of needing to be replaced.
My laundry comes out of the dryer smelling fresher than it ever has!! This is something that is definitely worth the money!!
5 out of 5 stars!!

Next up is the Scotch Brite Disaposible Toilet Scrubber

The Scotch Brite Toilet Scrubber allows you to clean your toilet and then throw away the gross scrubber head. The starter kit comes with 1 handle and 4 disaposible scrubber heads. The scrubber head is a stiff sponge like pumice stone the fits onto the tip of the handle. You simple slide the scrubber onto the handle and scrub your toilet as usual. When you are finished, you slide the button down on the handle and the scrubber pops off into the garbage. This elminates the need to store a gross toliet brush that is full of germs, hoping your kids are not playng with while they are using the bathroom.
I bought the starter kit and have bought several sets of refills of the scrubber, but I do have pros and cons with the product. I really do lke the fact of not having to store a toilet brush, just a handle. Another plus is that I have never had my toilet cleaner! This scrubber does a great job of really scrubbing the toilet and really gets under the rim.
On the negative side, you have to buy a refil for each time you clean your toilet, which adds up. You have to make sure you have a scrubber in the cabinet before you go to clean your toilet or you're out of luck. My only other con is that the handle is so short. I feel as though I am "elbow deep" evertime I clean. When you are scrubbing the bottom, you're almsot down to your shoulder in the toilet, putting your face a little too close fo comfort.
3.5 stars out of 5
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Ginny said...

LOVE the new look of the blog! As for the bounce dryer bar, have you ever tried the wool dryer balls? I hear they work almost as well as fabric softener without the residue. I almost bought a new dryer because mine wasn't drying very well. After some research I discovered that dryer sheets leave an invisible film on the lint trap. As the film builds up it can prevent the dryer from working properly. That is what was happening with mine. To test, simply pull your filter out and run water over it. If the water pools rather than drains through, you have build up! Just wash the filter in some warm soapy water and it should clear up. Haven't tried the wool balls but they are also supposed to reduce dryer time too.