Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet the Flintstones

As you guessed, we went as the Flintstones for Halloween this year! It was so much fun! We got our pictures taken by a lot of people and tons of wonderful comments on our outfits!!
All of our outfits were homemade by me, saving a ton of money. Wilma's and Fred's outfits are made out of sheets. I just traced tank one of Ryan's tank tops and one of mine to get the outline of the top of the toga and dress. At the bottom of both, I cut triangles out to give them a jagged look. My necklace is made out of small styrofoam balls and the blue tie is just fabric. I cut a stencil of a triangle out of cardboard and used black craft paint to make the triangles on Fred's toga.
Little Miss Pebbles, aka Arya, outfit was the easiest! I just bought a plain green over sized Tshirt and just triangles out of the bottom and arms. I used black paint and painted triangles on the shirt. She wore black pants and a ponytail on the top of her head.
Dino's, aka Jaiden, costume gave me the biggest challenge. I just made a jumpsuit out of purple fleece. I made a simple velcro closure in the back and used black paint for the spots. Her hood was a separate piece made out of fleece with black felt loops of the hair.
My sister, BIL, and nephew also got into the fun by dressing up as Betty, Barney, and Bam Bam!!

(You can click on the pics to make them larger)


Doreen said...

WOW you did such a fantastic job Amber. I love your creativity! You must have surely had loads of fun!!! Great pics too, well done and welcome back to blogland : ))

Crafty Sue said...

Amber, it's a long time since the last time I left a comment on your blog.
Congratulations for the costumes!
You did a lovely job.

Ginny said...

I always did like homemade costumes best. Yours turned out great!

Patricia said...

All of you are just too cute...what a great idea!!!