Monday, August 31, 2009

Fire House Field Trip

First a little background: One day last week we were at Walmart and the local firemen had the boots out collecting money for charity. I gave both the girls a dollar to give. Jaiden wanted to see the fire truck and we took her over to see it. The fireman let her climb in and showed her all around. She was so excited! Ryan then told Jaiden that his appliance company services all the appliances for the local fire departments in our city and could arrange a trip to one of them. This is all I have heard from Jaiden for the last week. Ryan managed to get us a tour of one of the houses. Jaiden got up two hours earlier than usual this morning wanting to know if she missed the trip. All day long she was asking me if it was time to go yet.

So finally, the time came and we went on our very own personal tour of a fire house. It was so neat! We got to see the truck, the rec area, and the place Jaiden wanted to see the most, the dorm rooms. She has been trying all week to wrap her brain around the idea that the firemen slept at the fire house and then go home to their families. Ryan and I also learned a lot of interesting information. I didn't know the fire trucks could be any color the city wanted them to be. I always assumed the was a "rule" that fire trucks had to be red. "Our fireman" told us he has seen black, green, and even white. I learned something new!

It was a neat trip and I am so very thankful for the firemen allowing us to have a tour and taking time out to show us around!


Crafty Sue said...

What an intresting day that must have been!
I think Jaiden will remember this trip for a long while.

Cathy said...

How much more fun for a kid than to see a fire station and learn all aobut the life of a firemena! Pur firetrucks here are ywllow for the icty and red for the ocunty. A town I lived in when I was teaching had black police cars and fire vehicles! Cathy