Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Market and Other Things

Last weekend, we went up to my dad's and came home with 720 ears of corn! That's a lot of corn! We make the trip up there, and the family takes what they want. This year we only had 6 dozen left over after everyone took what they wanted. I had Ryan donate it to a local halfway house.

This is the best corn I have ever had! I love Silver Queen corn! It is so sweet and good!

After I put up the corn, I saved the cobs and made Appalachian Jelly this past weekend. If you've never had the jelly, put it on your list of things to try!

In the past few weeks, I had pickled over 300 lbs. of cucumbers! I am hoping that will last me until the Farmer's Market is over in October, but I really don't think it will. I make bread & butter, dill, jalapeno, habanero, horseradish, hot & sweet, and dill chip pickles. The habanero ones are my biggest seller.

WE took the kids to the fair 2 weeks ago to let them see all of the animals. Jaiden finally warmed up this year and wasn't afraid to pet anything. Arya on the other hand, just wasn't quite sure of those huge cows!

I hate to say this but, the fair is the biggest waste of money! We spent over $50 just to get in, eat and get something to drink! It's just so expensive! I am glad I had extra money from doing the market!

I have also been spending some time picking green beans from our garden. This was the first year we planted beans and I don't think I will plant them again. There is just too much bending to get all beans picked. We also got a ton of tomatoes that have just now started to be picked. We have had some mild weather and the tomatoes were not turning.

This is my stand at the Farmer's Market. I took this picture the first week. I have now expanded onto another table to hold everything I make. I was afraid to make too much stuff the first week in case it didn't sell. Now, I could almost use a third table! It's amazing how much we can grow learning from experience!

This was just a small taste of what I have been up to. I have also started trying to get ready for our vacation in 3 weeks. I hope to have some craft projects up pretty soon! I have to get my craft show inventory up for the shows that start in October.


Doreen said...

WOW you have been one busy lady! Your stall looks just super, I'd love to be able to buy from your stall, everything looks so appealing : )
Yes it is sometimes too expensive to go some places but at least you have great places to visit and it is a great treat for the kids too...we have lovely memories of when we used to take the kids to fairs and markets and parks in Canada and I bless every penny spent : )
Well done on all your work Amber and love to all the family.
Blessings and Hugs,

Crafty Sue said...

Your stand looks great!
I'm sure your products are great too.
Good Luck for all your future markets and also for the craft shows.