Friday, October 2, 2009

Ballerina Tutu

This is an easy, no sew, and inexpensive gift to give to any little girl. Jaiden and Arya just love to
put on the tutus and spin around. Jaiden says the tutus makes them feel like princess ballerinas, and we all know that there is nothing better than a princess ballerina!!

47" - 2" wide white satin ribbon
3 yards tulle for main color
1 yard tulle for accent color

1. Cut the tulle into 2"x 22" strips. I found it much easier to use scissors than to use my strip cutter. Put strips in groups of 6. You need 5 groups of accent and 18 groups of main color.

2. Find center of ribbon and knot one group (6 strips) of accent color on the ribbon. I do not know my knot names, but it is the kind where you find the center of the tulle and pull the ends through.

3. Put 3 groups (3 groups of 6) of main color on each side of accent color. Repeat until finished. You should end on each side with the main color.


HDMac said...

How cute! :) :) I have several granddaughters that love to dress up and they would love these to dance in! :) Thanks for sharing!

Doreen said...

Oh how cute and so creative! The girls really look like they are having a grand time, of course being princess ballerinas is great!
Lovely idea Amber, I bet they spend hours twirling and dancing : )

JP said...

Those are very cute little tutu's! You are so creative!