Friday, October 16, 2009

Which Witch is Which?

I think these witches are just so cute! They do take a little time to make them, but the result is just adorable!

I will have the full instructions on Monday to make them. I have two shows this weekend and just do not have the time to write the instructions right now. I will however, list the supplies in case anyone wants to gather them over the weekend.

2 ft 4x4
6x6 square 1/4" plywood
2-2" wood screws
green paint (Walmart Colorsmart Rhubarb 94304)
black/navy paint (Walmart Colorsmart India Ink 96404)
purple paint (Walmart Colorsmart Fortune Teller 94503)
green spray paint
12" dowel rod
1/2 yd. black felt
1/2 yd. Halloween fabric (for dress & arms)
3/8" acorn dowel cap

glue gun
masking tape
3 small paint rollers & trays
pinking shears

basic wood working


Ginny said...

these look really cute!

HDMac said...

Very cute! :)