Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun

I was thinking back on past Halloweens for me and the family this morning. Jaiden has dressed up as a University of Cincinnati cheerleader, witch, and a pirate. Arya has gone as a chicken and a pirate. As for myself, I can remember dressing up as a scarecrow, green M&M, snowman, punk rocker (hey, it was the 80's!), dog, a prisoner, a 1920's flapper, and a pirate last year. It's fun to think back!

I was trying to think back as a child, what movies scared me the most. I thought of the Tom & Jerry cartoon. I know you're thinking, "Tom & Jerry?" Yes, it the one where Jerry goes in a bus up to heaven and the dog is dressed up like the devil and takes Tom down the escalator to Hell. It is called "Heavenly Puss."

The movie that scared me the most was Disney's 1980 "Watcher in the Woods." I was like 5 the first time I saw this movie and can remember how much it scared me! I would love to be able to find the movie and watch it as an adult!

The book that scared me was Christina's Ghost by Betty Ren Wright. I don't remember what is is about, I just remember leaving the lights on in my room after I read the book.

As an adult, I don't care for scary movies. I have never been a horror movie fan. The only horror movie I watch is Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. Ryan and I watch that movie every Halloween.

Now, I do like the horror books. I have read lots of Stephen King and enjoyed them very much. I think the scariest book I ever read wasn't King, it was instead The Enity by Frank De Felitta. It is a true story about a woman tormented by demons in her own home. They physically attack her and everyone thinks she is crazy. It was a very good book.

And last but not least, we do watch Charlie Brown "The Great Pumpkin".

I hope you enjoyed reading about a small portion of our Halloween past! I will now leave you with a very addicting game:Trick or Treat. Your goal is to find the fastest way back home after trick or treating at the houses. I haven't made it past level 18. Good Luck!



Ginny said...

I know how life can tend to get in the way of things. You mentioned making a snuggie for Christmas. There is a link on the VOY to a free pattern for one. Thought I would share it with you. I might make a few too if I can catch the fleece on sale!

Crafty Sue said...

Thanks for the videos... I never saw "The Watcher in the Wood" , I love "Sleepy Hollow". The movies that scared me when I was little were Dracula and the Wolf Man, they make kids laugh now .
Happy Halloween to you too!