Sunday, October 11, 2009

Horseshoe; Red Mommy Style

I have a confession: Ryan and I are addicted to the show Man Versus Food on the Travel Channel. If you have never seen the show, this is how the Travel Channel describes the show, "In the new series, Travel Channel's Man v. Food, host Adam Richman sets out to travel the country in search of the best places to do some serious indulging. Adam begins his quest to find the best traditional food the nation can serve up." The host, Adam, participates in local food challenges like eating 5 bowls of habanero chili, eating a 15 pound burger, or even eating 13" pancakes. It is just a neat show because of the food challenges and showing the smaller, local restaurants a particular area is famous for.

Well last night, we were watching the show up in bed, slightly hungry, and they featured Springfield, Illinois. One the the local foods caught Ryan's total attention. It was an open faced sandwich called the Horseshoe made by restaurant called D’Arcy’s Pint
This sandwich had Ryan drooling before it was even described. It starts with a piece of Texas toast, then a hamburger patty, fries scattered on top, all topped off with their famous cheese sauce. Our stomachs immediately started growling. It looked so good!

We talked after the show, and even though we have never been there, I thought I could come up with something similar from the description. I did, and it tastes wonderful!!! We are adding it to our "possibles menu" for lunch.

Red Mommy Version of the D’Arcy’s Pint Horseshoe
Texas Toast Garlic Bread
hamburger patties (I fried ours)
crispy french fries
Velveeta cheese (melted)

Toast garlic bread in the oven. Place hamburger patty on top. Scatter fries over the sandwich. Pour melted cheese over entire sandwich.

I put some chopped green onion on mine, while Ryan left his plain. The possibilities are really endless!


HDMac said...

Good job Amber! It does look yummy!

Doreen said...

Very clever of you Amber, looks delish!

Crafty Sue said...

Thanks for sharing!
It looks good... very tempting!