Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Handmade Holidays #3

Here is installment #3 in the Handmade Holidays Series.

1. 52 Apron Patterns

2. Seat belt Sleeves

3. Ribbon Jeans

4. Herringbone Bracelet

5. Basic Baby Bib

6. Trendy Diaper Bag

7. Handmade Napkins

8. Casserole Tote

9. Cat & Dog Toy

10.Grocery Bag Lunch Sack


Doreen said...

What great ideas Amber, have to go look again. I love the Bias tape maker, I'd never seen one before.
Thanks for sharing : )

Ginny said...

Love the diaper bag! I made one earlier this year for baby A. I love all of the pockets in it and that I could customize. Thanks for sharing all of the links and ideas!

supa said...

Hey, what a great list — that diaper bag is fabulous. Thanks so much for the link, too!