Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fashion Designer, Jaiden

Last week when Jaiden was sick, I took the opportunity to sneak and make some jammies for a Christmas present. She saw the scraps of material and asked if she could have them to make an outfit. For almost 2 hours, she sat quietly in the other room working on an outfit for Arya's doll. She was so proud of the outfit that she wanted me to take a picture of the doll and her, runny nose and all.

Jaiden just loves fabric scraps! She can play with them forever! She likes to pretend all kinds of things with the pieces. Last year for Christmas, I bought Jaiden her very own sewing machine that actually sews. She wants to be just like me! I am so proud!


Crafty Sue said...

How cute!
Little girls love to follow in mother's footsteps and Jaiden is certainly following in yours, you are right to be proud of her.
I hope she's better now! I can see her nose is sore in the picture, poor dear!

Ginny said...

Love to see little ones crafting! Seems to be a dying art with the younger kids. I was surprised how many kids couldn't hand sew or do a simple braid when I was a Girl Scout leader. Maybe we can spark a crafting revolution! Be sure to tell her I think her outfit is adorable and the she did a great job!