Monday, December 21, 2009

Striped Pillows

This is one of the gifts that I made for my dad for Christmas. Now, if you are wondering why pillows, I will explain. He has what I refer to as a "man cave" My dad build himself a little, white house to retreat to about a hundred yards away from his back door. And, it even has an upstairs to it! He has it all decorated in black, red, and grey, traditional manly colors. He has a plain grey couch out there and my step mom told me he has no pillows on it. You just can't get very comfy laying on a couch watching movies with a pillow, hence the idea for pillows! I think he will really like them! We are going out there tonight to exchange gifts and I cannot wait to see them on the couch!

The pillows were fairly simple to make. I cut 4 strips per each color 2" wide by 18 long. I then sewed all of the strips together, ironing the seams as I went. I cut a piece of black material for the back and sewed it on. I bought two 16" pillow forms and sewed the case shut on the bottom.

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Crafty Sue said...

Your dad will be very comfy with these lovely pillows. I think they're very nice, he'll love them I'm sure.