Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, we are still sick! Jaiden has joined us now on the sick train. My throat has been so sore that I thought it was going to close from being swelled. Arya's nose is running and she has a nasty cough still. Jaiden has been showing sings of being sick since Friday, so I started giving her some cold medicine as a preventive measure. It didn't work. She looks so pitiful this morning with a red nose and deep cough.

I called the doctor and they both go in today at 1:00, hopefully to get some different medication. I've ran out of my OTC medicine and have to get some more. Our days have been spent on the couch watching cartoons and reading books. I was able to do some cleaning and laundry this weekend, so the house isn't a total wreck.

As for my uncle, he had his surgery on Wednesday. Everything went really well. The tumors did turn out to be cancerous. The doctors were able to remove both tumors (the third was calcified). The good news in that the tumors didn't metastasize when they were removed. The evening after his surgery, he was up talking and eating. The doctors were surprised at his fast recovery. On Friday, he was moved closer to us to a care facility where he'll remain until Wednesday. After that, he will be staying with my mother and grandmother until he is able to be on his own. The doctors did run some more tests and he'll get the results next week to find out what course of action he should take; should they find more cancerous cells.

With all this sickness, I feel as though I will never get my Christmas projects finished! I haven't even started Ryan's gifts and I have several more to go for the girls. I have a few things left to make for our families, Ryan's work, and Jaiden's teachers. I'll be a very busy little elf next week!


Janet, said...

I hope everyone gets better soon. We've got off pretty easy so far, but my two sons seem to be getting a cold now, too.

Ginny said...

So glad to hear that the surgery went well! I hope you and your family get to feeling better soon as well so you can enjoy this time of year together!

Ginger said...

Thank the lord all went well.
So happy his doing better.
Big hugs to you and you family !
Bet the kids are looking forward to christmas!
I love the christmas lights!