Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enough is Enough!!

It snowed, it's snowing, and it will snow! We got our first round of snow last Friday with another round yesterday and today, we are getting round three. The news is also predicting a round four to come through on Sunday with more "significant snow". We easily have over a foot (0.3m)of snow already on the ground. Ryan used the snow blower last night when we got a break in the snow, and an hour later, you really couldn't see when he worked. This really is an unusually high amount of snow for us.

I am staying inside cleaning and baking. The girls are getting cabin fever because it's just too cold to allow them to go out and play. My utility bill will be high again this month due to the very cold temps!

This is the amount of snow piled up on my outdoor table.

This is the side of the snow path where Ryan just plowed.

Can you find the girls' Barbie jeep?

This is what one of our cars looked like yesterday afternoon. It had been cleaned off from the last snow.

This is our grill.

Can you find the two lane road in front of my house?

This is the tree in my front yard.

This is a special treat for all of those who do not get snow.


Crafty Sue said...

We too have got alot of snow this winter.
You are lucky you have a snow blower we have to shovel it as I've never seen those blowers anywhere here in Italy.
Well, stay warm and happy baking!

Ginger said...

Oh yes bake in that weather.
You feel like staying in all cozy.With all that snow come on where the snowman. lol
loved all the pictures awesome!

Ginny said...

Dealing with our own little winter wonderland here. Fortunately this time we haven't lost power yet (lost it for 3 days in December) Just think, it WILL melt and before to long the crocuses will show their pretty purple heads and spring will be here