Friday, February 26, 2010

Too Many Irons in the Fire

I have always been a person who cannot just do one things at a time. I read two books at once, work on two projects at the same time, and etc. I think this time though, I've got too many irons in the fire. I have got so much going on right now. For the last several days I have been developing a web site for the items I sell at the Farmer's Market. I this something I love and would like to expand it from a passion to an passion with an great income. I know this is something I can make happen, I've got got to put my full effort into it! I went online and downloaded the forms to become an LLC and go get a Federal ID number, I've just got to come up with the money for processing fees. I would love to expand this to be able to have a commercial kitchen with a store front. Right now, I operate under the Ohio Cottage Food Law which means, I cannot take orders over the internet, I cannot sell outside of Ohio, and I cannot sell food that need to be refrigerated. This does limit me as to what I can and cannot sell. I have some great recipes for pie, but cannot sell them do the the refrigeration part. Long story short, this is something my main focus is going to be on this year.

Also, as soon as we get our income tax money back, we are remodeling our house. In several ways I am looking forward to having a normal house, but then again, I am not looking forward to the huge mess this is going to create. Our plans are to knock out the wall the separates our kitchen and TV room. Not as easy as it sounds! The wall is a bloom wall, meaning it goes all the way up stairs. If we tear it out down here, our second floor would come crashing down, so we have to support the floor/ceiling to take out the wall. The second challenge is in the wall itself. The wall contains the old stove pipes that were once used in conjunction with the old coal stoves. The previous home owner did not take the pipes out when they converted to a "modern" heating system. Instead, they enclosed the pipes in concrete and walled it in. This shaft runs up all the way into the bloom wall. This means, we have to tear a hole in our bedroom wall and take out the concrete and carry it out. Now, why an I going through all of this trouble over wall, my kitchen will be expanded to the two rooms. I will be able to have my kitchen sink in the kitchen instead of it's own little room. I will also be able to have a shower!!! The room where my sink currently is will become my bathroom and my old bathroom a laundry room. This will get the washer and dryer out of my kitchen. This project will also allow me to have kitchen counters and cabinets (house built without them). I will take plenty of pictures so everyone can see what I'm talking about.

As of right now, I still don't have a desire to do anything crafty. I think I am just burnt out. My sister referred some people to me to hem pants and I turned them down. I just down want to go near my sewing machine right now. I know this will change, it better, I have too much fabric!

So, that is a brief summary of what's happening in my life right now. I will try to post on here as much as I can.


Crafty Sue said...

Amber I wish you lots and lots of GOOD LUCK with your new projects.
Refurbishing your house will surely take up alot of your time but once the work will be over I am sure you will be satisfied.
I tried to get to Mama Hampton's but it gives me this:

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Doreen said...

WOW Amber I admire you for all you are planning and I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure once it's all done you can all sit back and enjoy your hard work. The website looks great and is so interesting.
Blessings and Hugs,
Doreen : )

Ginny said...

best of luck in your culinary endeavor! Next time I am in Ohio I will have to pick up some of your yummies!

Doreen said...

Hi Amber, just stopping by to say I've been thinking of you and hoping you are all fine. Drop by my Whimsical Blog anytime to collect a friendly award : ))
Take care,

Ginny said...

missing seeing you around. hope your irons cool off soon!