Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Interesting Week!

It has been another long and busy week! The whole family has been down with a violent stomach flu. It started last week with my sister and BIL and then filtered to my grandmother to us. My MIL even got it from the kids on Saturday. It is the worst stomach flu I've had in almost 5 years! I am going to weigh myself today to see how much I lost. It's a horrible way to lose weight, but I'll take it!

We are also in the planning stages of rearranging our house. Eight years is long enough to go without a shower! We have been planing on installing one, it's not just as easy as replacing the bath tub. If you've read any of my other posts about the house, you'll know that our current bathroom is built under the stairs that lead up to our bedrooms. It is impossible for Ryan to stand up straight in there, so putting a shower in the current bathroom is not an option. I think we have come up with a solution of knocking down walls and removing our front porch. I'll post full plans when we nail something down.

Over this past week, my camera has gone missing. Arya is known for taking things and hiding them. We thoroughly searched her room last night, and came up empty. She has hid it good!! my birthday is Sunday, so hint, hint, maybe I'll get a new one.

On the subject of missing, Nutmeg went missing again. Last Wednesday, she left the house at 8 A.M. to go on her morning roaming adventure. She never returned. By Friday, I was getting worried. We put up posters and checked the local animal shelter. It was like she disappeared in thin air. The beauty salon across the street, told me Saturday, they saw some man pick Nutmeg up on Wednesday and carry her off. Nutmeg is just too friendly and will let anyone pick her up. She was wearing tags and is micro chipped, my only hope was he was an honest person. Nutmeg is allowed to roam because she comes back and comes in at night. A ton of people walking by thinks she is lost and want to take her. Anyway, we did end up fining her up at the shelter Saturday afternoon and it cost $30 to "bail" her out. I was okay with the cost because of all the animal shelter does, but upset because someone even picked her up in the first place. I know "he" thought he was trying to do the right thing by taking a "lost" cat to the shelter, but cats do roam and she was wearing tags!

Now to end the week, my dad called me Monday to tell me that my stepmom's daughter was found dead on Saturday. She was my stepmom's only child and my stepmom is, of course, fairly upset. I have only met the daughter twice, but I am hurting for my stepmom. My dad and stepmom have been together over 13 years, so my dad is hurting also because he has been in her life since the daughter was 13. So, a funeral will wrap up my week on Friday.

I am so hoping for a much better week next week!!

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Crafty Sue said...

I'm sorry your week was not a good one, I am sorry for the loss in your family too. I hope and sincerely wish a change to the better for the following week.