Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cute Story

Ryan is fast becoming a huge fan of country music, so when he drives, we listen to country. There is this song called "Chicken Fried" by The Zac Brown Band. If you listen to country, I'm sure you know it because they play it on the channel Ryan listens to about 5 times a day. Anyway, it goes, "I like chicken fried. Cold beer on a Friday night. A pair of pants that fit just right. And, the radio up."

Jaiden has taken a big liking to this song and goes around singing it, but we changed the "beer" lyric to juice. Yesterday, she asked me to play the song for her on my computer. I went to you tube and started the video. She goes, "Why is Uncle Ryne singing on the computer?" She thought for sure the lead singer, Zac Brown, was her Uncle Ryne, my BIL! I of course called my sister and she told me that they have heard this from other people before. I told Jaiden to make sure she has Uncle Ryne sing the song for her next time she see him! It's just so cute what kids think and see!!

Here's the video:

Here's Uncle Ryne:


Crafty Sue said...

Your BIL looks just like the singer, Jaiden has seen right.
Nice music!TFS.

Ginger said...

Awesome tutu LOL Now that my kind of man. Photo of the little one awesome!

KBriggs said...

They look similar, that is for sure.
maybe when Jaiden ask her uncle to sing Chicken Fried you should be ready with the camera. :D
Perhaps, he could give us a concert on that tutu. LOL ;)