Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's My Birthday

I am celebrating my birthday today! I plan on taking it easy and not cooking today! Last night, Ryan took me out for wings for my birthday dinner and we went to the antique mall. Tonight, my in-laws are taking me out for dinner. My mom and grandmother always pay to have my license tags renewed for my birthday.

The picture above is from when I got my birthday spanking in kindergarten. Gotta love the knee socks that match my dress! As I'm typing this, just thought how there would be no way schools could do this now! We've come a long way in some areas, but have boxed ourselves in, in a lot of areas!

Also, just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday cards!


Crafty Sue said...

Happy Birthday Amber!
Have a nice day!

Ginny said...

Praying you have an amazing birthday in which you are surrounded by loved ones and full of happiness and joy!

Doreen said...

Just wanted to pop in here to add more wishes to the ones I already sent you on the voy craft board.
So glad Amber to hear you are being pampered with lots of love and gifts.

Hugs & Blessings,

quilt32 said...

That is a darling picture - what a beautiful little girl!