Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beauty Shop, to the Next Level

Last night, while Ryan and I are watching some TV, the girls decided to take their beauty shop role playing to a whole new level! Arya came downstairs to show me her new hair style, then we called Jaiden down. I could not believe my eyes! My girls took their long pretty hair and chopped it to look like little boys!

Arya apparently stole my scissors from my sewing desk and then handed them over to Jaiden. So, Jaiden is responsible for the majority of the cutting. I was so mad!I know all little kids go through this, but I'm still upset! I think they got off fairly easy on punishment and should be thankful considering how mad I was! Neither one of them is allowed TV during bed time for a week, they will, without question or argument, allow me to put ribbons and barrettes in their hair (they hate them), and no family movie night this week.

Here is Arya just one week ago on New Year's Eve.

This is Arya now:

This was Jaiden New Years:

This is Jaiden now!


Crafty Sue said...

OH Amber!
Many kids go through this stage... I can't help but smile seing their pics.. before and after... don't be too strict on them, I am sure they never thought they were doing anything wrong, thank God they did not hurt themselves with the scissors... their hair will grow again and nicer too.I can understand how angry you must have been, I remember my son once saw me trimming my eyebrows with tweezers and the next day he cut his eyebrows with a tiny pair of scissors.. he said he wanted to do just like mum. I now laugh at this but I remember I was very angry at him at the time. His eyebrows grew again.

Vera said...

I raised six kids and I never had this happen, but I was just thinking we probably wasn't fortunate enough to have a pair of scissors.LOL

Ginger said...

My little girl now grown up did the same thing to her hair oH my .
She still so cute !! love how kids cut hair lol

Ginny said...

Oh wow!! I remember when H cut hers so short I didn't think I was going to be able to make it look "normal" and when a friends daughter cut hers to the scalp in places and she paid $60 for a haircut to disguise the hairtastrophe! (it really did too!) Looks like Jaiden got the worst of it. Just think though, now you get to spend time playing with their hair and torturing them with hairclips, bows, ponytails, ribbons,...... won't that be fun!!

Patricia said...

Amber, that is so funny,well maybe not for you, but what a funny story they can share with their children.