Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chinese Take Out Box

If you have a little time on your hands, why not make a Chinese Take Out Box? They are fairly easy to make, but are time consuming!

I have tried my best to make this as less confusing as possible. I used spray adhesive to attach all material and cardboard sides together. You could use hot glue, but I was afraid that there would be lumps in the material.

Heavy Weight Cardboard (HW)
Light weight cardboard (LW)
Silk fabric
Quilter's spray adhesive
bamboo handle

1. Cut HW & LW cardboard into the following sizes:
Rectangles 2 HW & 2 LW: 2 1/4" x 4 3/4"
Squares(bottom) 1 HW & 1 LW: 3 1/2"
Sides: 4 LW & 4 HW: 4 3/4" on top 3 1/2" bottom & 4" tall.

2. Lay HW sides of box out so that the sides are touching.

3. Spray adhesive on card board and attach INSIDE fabric.

4. Turn over and fold ends to back for a clean edge finish. Spray in place

5. Attach INSIDE fabric to HW bottom and LW rectangles. Fold all four sides to the back and secure on the square bottom. Fold back and secure 3 sides, leaving one long side on the rectangles.

6. Attach OUTSIDE fabric to 2 LW sides. Flip pieces over and turn fold tops over to back. Spray in place. Leave sides and bottom of fabric for now.

7. Attach OUTSIDE side to end the end of the backside of the inside side strip. Make sure to match edges.

8. Attach other side piece. (The OUTSIDE sides should be attached to inside back of #2 & #4)

9. Match the inside sides to make a box. Use the unfinished edge of the OUTSIDE side to attach sides, so that you now have a box.

10. Sit HW bottom on bottom of box. Use the unfinished bottom edge fabric from the OUTSIDE side to secure the bottom.

11. Lay out LW side and HW rectangle on fabric. Leave about 1/2" space in between top of side and rectangle. Attach fabric. Repeat for other side and rectangle.

12. Fold back sides and top and secure for a fished edge. Leave bottom for now. Your piece should look like the one in the picture.

13. Attach INSIDE rectangle to back of OUTSIDE rectangle.

14. Attach to box. Be sure to match edges. Attach unfinished bottom edge of side to bottom of the box. Repeat steps 11-14 for last side.

15. Attach OUTSIDE bottom to the bottom of the box. Turn over and attach bamboo handle.


Ginger said...

Fabulous box i love it.
mothers day is just around the corner ,be cute gift.
Great job on it!
hugs xx

Crafty Sue said...

Great tutorial, Amber!
Lovely box!