Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Remodeling

Here are some more pictures of the work we are doing on our house. Only 3 more days to siding!!! Ryan and my dad are going to go buy it today after work!!

There's Ryan on the roof looking at the rotten board he's going to replace. In the bottom right, is where a window was that we took out. We had a small window in our stairwell leading up the stairs. When we got the new windows last summer, we just took the window out and boarded up the hole.

This is the rotten wood. Squirrels have been sneaking in there and taking up residence. Goodbye! Also, on the left, you can see the missing roof shingles that make up our current "siding". Goodbye to them too!!

All finished!! It looks so nice! You can see the missing shingles better. Why would anyone use roof shingles as siding? Gotta love them old houses!!!

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HDMac said...

Ok... that made me more dizzy! lol