Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Additions!

As I have stated before, it is never boring in the Red Mommy household!!
Our cat, Nutmeg, that we took in a few weeks ago had kittens last night! We were so clueless, we had no idea she was even pregnant! We woke up this morning to find we had company. Nutmeg gave birth to 4 kittens, 3 black ones and 1 grey kitten. Ryan has moved them to a big box with a blanket inside. Other than that, we are clueless of what to do! I have been doing some research this morning and found that we need to keep these kittens for 8 weeks! This should be fun! Nutmeg is mostly an outside cat. We bring her inside for a few hours each day and at night if it is really cold.

I never really wanted a cat, now I have 5! Ryan made the joke that the kittens can be my giveaway for April! I told Ryan that we needed to stock up on air fresheners! Our animal family now consists of Daisy (120 lb dog), Nutmeg and her 4 kittens.

If anyone has any tips, of anything we should know, please pass it along!!

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Sue B. said...

Congratulations (?) on the new household additions!! Mama cats are wonderful and truly need no human help. The little ones innately know to nurse and only want to be warm and near Mom. Just watch and enjoy! Mama may show a pick up in appetite so do keep her bowl filled. Other than that they take pretty good care of themselves. The little ones will suckle for a good 6-8 weeks and Mom will begin to wean them..though they have a habit of wanting more as it's 'easy food' for them. It's fun to watch as they begin to open their eyes!!! Now a message to Ryan: I'm so proud of myself! Today I replaced the blown baking element in my stove!! Yay! My bottoms up bunnies are done! They are so cute! Yes, the 3 inch puffs are terribly hard to find..but then I have a craft stash to beat the band so only needed to purchase the pots. Thank you again for such a darling idea!