Thursday, April 16, 2009

They're Growing!

Well, the kittens are two weeks old today! They are growing so fast! We have been weighing them and they are gaining about an ounce every two days. Before long, I will be chasing them back into the cage.

We call this "dead kitty". Nutmeg loves to sleep on her back.

Since last time you met the kittens, we have had some gender changes. Well, the kittens didn't really change genders, our guesses were off. So here they are with their new names.

This is Poe. We kept the name but now she won't lift a leg when peeing.

She is still Stormy. She is the only one we guessed correctly.

This is the new Dolly, formerly Benny.

And last is Raven, formerly Dolly.

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Love your cat and kittens.I still have a hard time figuring out girls and boys in cats despite working at a animal shelter for 2 years now!
I,too, have foster kitties at my house that are 3 weeks old.