Thursday, June 18, 2009


I do promise I will get back to posting crafts since this site is Red Mommy Crafts!! I just haven't felt like doing any crafts or being on the computer much lately. Just stick with me!!

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. Yesterday about 1:00, Daisy the dog attacked Stormy the kitten again. She is not doing well at all. This time it was over the sealed bag of cat food. Ryan and I, along with my family, have decided to put Daisy down. Daisy has changed so much over the past 2 years. My relationship with her has been very strained. I cannot stand the sight of her right now, but I am not mistreating her in any way. Ryan and I think putting her down is the best since this is the second attack in less than 2 weeks. We are so afraid it will be one of the girls next. Daisy would severely harm the girls if she ever snapped at them. She is a 120 lb. shepard mix, so she is a big dog.

Stormy doesn't seem like she is recovering from this attack. Last night she has no color in her eyes, no control over her movements, and no response to stimulus. Her heart and breathing seem to be normal now, in fact her heart sounds strong. She had a twitching in her back and front legs all day yesterday.

As of this afternoon, color has returned in both eyes. She even has the tiniest dot of a pupil. She legs have stopped twitching, but she is motionless. I have been feeding her kitten formula with an eye dropper every two hours. She has had about 4-6 ounces of formula. Stormy is actually lapping the milk off of the dropper and swallowing it. I have to pick her up and lay her on her back to give the milk to her. She did pee on this morning when I checked on her at 11:00.

She doesn't seem to feel any pain, she isn't crying. She meowed this afternoon when both girls kissed her. She meows every now and then when I am in the room with her.

I have been in prayer about what to do. We have been torn whether to end it or just give her time. So far, we feel like we should give her time. Stormy might not recover, but with her heart going strong and her breathing being regular, I think she deserves the chance. To all of you that might be thinking we are letting her suffer, if I thought she was in severe pain, it would not even be a question as what to do. Nothing is too big for God and animals are one of his creations also.

On another note of happenings around here, my grandmother is doing as well that can be expected. She is still in a lot of pain, but is able to sleep comfortably with the help of pills. The girls and I have been going over every afternoon and doing little chores for her. We make sure she has lunch, ice for her ice pack, and doing her dishes. Her pastor was down there yesterday when I was there to have prayer with her.

The orthopedic surgeon told her to come back on Tuesday and he would take X-rays to see if the crack is healing, otherwise he might have to put pins in her shoulder. We hope than isn't the case because she is high risk for surgery.


Doreen said...

It seems you have alot on your plate right now Amber and knowing you care so much will be hard for you but God is in control, trust in Him and He will show you the Way! Prayers continue for your family, any decisions you may need to make as well as for your dear Gran, hope she feels better soon.


Crafty Sue said...

Oh Amber, I'm so sorry for all these mishaps, as Doreen said trust in God, He is in control.
I will add your grandmother and Stormy in my prayers.

HDMac said...

Gosh, Amber you are dealing with so much right now. Praying for your gramma and your kitty.... knowing your heart is caring!

And know that although we love crafts, we do love to hear about you and your family too, sweetie!

Big hugs,

Ginger said...

My goodness you have had some very bad day dear friend.Glad your doing better now and posting james which i been wanting to try.
my hubby went back to work this week ,Also able to post again hugs prayers with you always.