Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rib Eating Contest

On Tuesday night, Ryan challenged my brother in law, Ryne (also pronounced "Ryan"), to a rib eating contest at a new BBQ restaurant. They were having all you can eat night there and Ryan and Ryne felt up to the task!

Side track- Ryan and Ryne. I feel like the Bob Newhart Show, "My name is Larry and this is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl."

It is with shameful excitement that I announce my Ryan won the contest! He ate 3 whole racks of ribs while my BIL Ryne only ate 2 racks. Ryan is now the Rib King in the extended Red Mommy Family. His next challenge to his throne will take place next month. Will I remain the Rib Queen?

Ryne with his trophy plate of bones.

The Rib King with his gut busting, title winning plate of bones.

Even my nephew got in on some of the action at 3 months old. Notice the rib bone in his hand??


Crafty Sue said...

Congrats to Ryan.. the Rib King!!!

Doreen said...

WOW all you can eat RIBS!!
Congrats to Ryan!
It seems like you had a nice family time...great pictures : )

HDMac said...

LOL..... Ribs sound nummy and like everyone including nephew had fun!!! :)