Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Several Updates

First, my grandmother went to the doctor Tuesday and he said she was healing nicely! She isn't going to need surgery! Thank God!! She is still sore and having trouble adjusting to doing some things. She goes back to the doctor in 2 weeks to see if she can take the sling off.

Second, our kitten, Stormy is hanging on! On Monday, 5 days after her last attack, she began flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water. Then on Tuesday she began trying to walk. She couldn't' quite figure out how to get her front paws going so she kinda slid around. Wednesday, she began to walk and going outside, supervised. She walks like she is drunk, but at least, she is walking!! I am still having to feed her with a medicine dropper and she is not able to use the litter box, so a lot of extra laundry! I believe she is going to be blind out of her right eye, but otherwise, I think she will recover.

Third, our other kitten, Raven, brought home another kitten tonight. We have several alley cats that roam the neighborhood. This kitten has 3 other siblings. One of the others has a growth around its eye. Ryan tried to grab it, but it hissed at him. It looks like an infection took over and has formed a mass on its eye. We are going to work on catching it to drop it off at a no kill shelter to get some attention. Jaiden wants to keep the other kitten that followed Raven home. It is a he, and he doesn't seem to be too feral yet. Public service announcement: "Please have your cats fixed if you do not plan on breeding them!" It is so sad to see all of these homeless pets wondering our alley!!

Fourth, next week Daisy is going to go to the great "farm" in the sky. She has even started getting aggressive towards Ryan. He was trying to get some loose fur off her hind and Daisy snapped at him. I think that helped Ryan make the decision. I really hate to put a healthy animal down, but this aggressiveness is unacceptable! I told Jaiden that we were going to take her to a farm where she could run and not have to worry about her hurting any more kittens. Jaiden is okay with this because she and Daisy aren't that close. I always try to tell the girls the truth, but in this case, I think "really stretching the truth" is the way to go.

Thanks to everyone that has left comments, emails, and have been sending thoughts and prayers this way! They all are appreciated!


Doreen said...

It's great to know your grandma is doing so well, God bless.
I do hope Stormy keeps getting better, she has had it very tough poor kitty.
Another kitten, wow! Just be careful about that eye infection, could be contagious. We used to have lots of cats or stray cats around our streets but lately it seems owners take better care of them thankfully.
I think you're making the right decision with Daisy since she is aggressive...I guess it is hard finding the reason why she is like that. It's a good way in how you are dealing with letting Jaiden know.
Thanks for the updates and know that you are as always in my prayers.
Doreen : )

Crafty Sue said...

I am glad to know your granma is doing much better, I will still keep her in my prayers.
I am sorry for Daisy but I think you're taking the right decision.
Thank you for the update... God bless you!

Ginny said...

So glad to hear your grandma is doing better, as well as Stormy.

Your decision about Daisy must be a difficult one. However, I agree that it is better to put an agressive animal down rather than chance it hurt a child. My children were attacked by a dog in the neighborhood that was agressive. The owner had been told several times by many neighbors that the dog was acting aggressively and they did nothing. Ultimately their dog almost killed another dog in it's own yard, terrorized another families children, and attacked my son and dog when they were walking in the neighborhood. The family still refused to do anything until the dog attacked their own son. Our pets can become part of the family, but at the same time we would not allow someone in our family to our children, why would we allow a pet to do so?

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be saying prayers for your family. I would love to exchange links with you! Let me know!