Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miracle Kitten

I have gotten several emails and comments about Stormy, so I thought I would post an update.

She is a miracle kitten!! On Friday about 10:30 A.M., I was on the phone. I heard Daisy, the dog, growl and lunge towards something. I put the phone down and ran into the kitchen. Stormy was curled in a ball with blood coming out of her eyes and nose. I freaked out! I thought the dog had bitten her nose off. I rushed the girls outside; they were in the kitchen helping me make chicken and dumplings. I took about 1 minute to freak and then instinct kicked in. I rushed to close and lock the windows and the doors, grabbed myself a pair of shoes, and scooped Stormy up in a kitchen towel. The girls actually got in the car in their car seats without me having to fight them! We drove to the closest animal hospital, which is about 5 minutes away without any traffic. Jaiden held Stormy in the towel while I drove.

When we arrived at the hospital, they took Stormy back right away. Jaiden told the assistant what had happened since I was out of the room. Jaiden and Arya were stirring my dumplings since I was on the phone, one of them dropped some dough and Stormy came to investigate what happened. Daisy got territorial over the dropped food. In our rush to get Stormy to the vet, we didn't bother with changing clothes. I had on sweats and a T-shirt with no bra, covered with blood, Jaiden and Arya didn't have any shoes on, and Arya was in her nightgown without a diaper.

Anyway, the vet came and told us that the chances were not good. They had given her oxygen and steroids, but she was in shock and had fluid around her brain. They said that they didn't want to euthanize her just yet, just wait and see the severity of her injuries. They asked me how I wanted to proceed and I told them I didn't have a lot of money, but I wanted to do what I could. They said for me to leave her there so they can monitor her progress and see what the next choice would be. I called about 4 and they told me that her breathing had stabilized, she was maintaining her body temp with the help of a heating pad, and the swelling around her brain had gone down some. They also told me to come get her because they were leaving at 5 and no one would be there through the night, unless I wanted to pay a lot extra for someone. The vet told me her chances were still very slim. It just didn't look good. Daisy must of had Stormy's head in her mouth, there were no puncture marks, but severe trauma.

I brought her home and she looked lifeless. I put her in a box with a quilt and the heating pad, she never moved. Ryan came home from work and she moved at the sound of his voice. We checked on her every 2 hours until bedtime. I spent the whole day and evening very upset. Just when I thought I got rid of the cries, they came back.

She ended up surviving through the night. At one point, she got up and crawled under my dresser. I thought for sure that she was going under there to die! Saturday morning comes and she will not eat or drink anything, not a good sign! WE had a party to go to for Jaiden, so we took Stormy with us. When we got to the place we were having the party (the gym of my grandmother's church) we took her out of the carrier and laid her on the quilt. Next thing we know, she gets up and starts walking around!! Granted, she fell every few steps, but she walked!! Her eyes were starting to follow objects and she was even meowing!

Sunday morning comes and she eats!! She even went outside with us to play! On Monday, you couldn't even tell anything had happened! She was running and playing with her brother and eating like a horse!!

It truly is a miracle! The vet was totally shocked that she has made a full recovery! I want to thank everyone who asked about her recovery and the encouraging thoughts and prayers that were set our way!! They all are appreciated!!!


Crafty Sue said...

I'm so happy she got through it!
Thanks for the update!
So it's not just a saying ... cats DO have nine lives !

Stormy has been LUCKY!

Ginny said...

What a cutie! Glad to hear she is doing better.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update. We like the part about your wardrobe. We are BIG animal lovers also.I saw myself in how you reacted I get very upset at injured animals also. God watches over all creatures big and small. Lisa

Ginger said...

Oh my What a bad thing to see ! So happy the kitten better it's so cute! Things we go threw with our pets.I have One cat 2 yrs old longest cat we have had.
Hugs.. Love your blog!