Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Only Hole-In-One

I have a lot of golf balls, so I have been inspired to do some golf related crafts. This is a really fun plaque to give to the golfer in your life.


Wooden, square plaque
wooden #1
2 doll pin stands
2 golf balls
picture wire and tacks
green paint(I used Kelly and Hunter)
hot glue gun
card stock

1. Paint plaque and doll pin stands with darker green.
2. Paint #1 with lighter green.
3. Drill a hole through the #1.
4. Attach wire and hanger on back of plaque.
5. Glue doll pin stands and #1 to plaque.
6. Glue golf balls to doll pin stands.
7. Make and print out sign "The Only Hole-In-One I've Ever Had" on card stock. Cut out.
8. Glue sign to plaque.

I found that hot glue worked much better than E-6000 glue. Also, if you can decorative paint, just paint the sign right on the plaque.

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