Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jar Lamp Fillings

Here are some ideas to put in your Mason Jar Lamp.

1. Sand & seashells
2. Spools of thread
3. Dried fruit peels
4. Pennies
5. Glass beads
6. Pine cones, pine needles, and other "nature"
7. Fabric balls
8. Fabric scraps
9. Candy
10. Paper shreds
11. Paint the outside
12. Buttons
13. Wine corks
14. Buttons
15. Potpourri
16. Cinnamon sticks & other spices
17. Colored sand
18. Cookie mixes (like the cookie in a jar)
19. Game pieces (checkers, dice, and etc...)
20. Dried flowers


Janet, said...

My favorite filling would be spools of thread or buttons!

Kudzu said...

those are all great ideas :D ... being from the south I'd go with the seashells, or Spanish Moss.

ryan said...

you listed buttons twice. love you