Monday, June 29, 2009

PVC Sling Chairs

These chairs are so nice for outside! The fold for easy storage and the covers are washable! I have tested the chairs up to about 45 pounds in weight.

I have about $10.00 invested in each chair and I sell them for $20. I have been making them for about 2 years now and they sell fairly well. Nice to use camping or any outdoor activity. The are so lightweight, that even the girls can carry their own!

Chair Cover Supplies:
13"x26" fabric for front
13"x26" fabric for back
13"x26" fleece interfacing

1. Layer the pieces together, wrong sides facing. Sew around all edges, leaving a space for turning.

2. Turn right side out. Fold 2 1/2" to the back on each end and pin in place. Sew.

Chair Frame Supplies:
About 15' of 1" outer diameter PVC pipe
8- 1" PVC elbows
6- 1" PVC T's
drywall sanding block

1. Using the drywall sanding block, sand any marking off the PVC pipe.
2. Using a miter saw, cut the pipe into the following pieces:
4- 3 3/4", 6- 6 3/4", 4- 12", 3-14"

3. Start by making the bottom frame.Take 1-12" piece and attach elbows to both ends. Attach a 3 3/4" piece to one elbow and a 6 3/4" to the other elbow. Attach a T to both pieces you just placed with the "stem" of the T facing inward. Repeat with another 12". Now join the two frame pieces together using a 14" inserted into the "stem" of the T.

4.To make the back frame: Insert a 6 3/4" piece into the T on each side and top each piece with another T with the "stem" facing towards you. Insert a 6 3/4 piece on the top part of the T on both sides. Top each piece with an elbow. Join the back frame with a 14" piece.

5. Insert a 3 3/4" piece into the T on the front of the chair and top with an elbow. Repeat for other side. Insert a 12" from the elbow to the T on the back. Repeat for other side. Insert your last 14" piece to complete the chair frame.

6. Make sure all of the joints have been pushed together really well.


Crafty Sue said...

WOW ... this must surely be a great favorite!
Great tutorial!

Ginny said...

This is a great idea Amber! I will have to make one for baby A. As for selling, you may want to check into the new laws concerning children's items and the required testing for those items.
I quit selling completed items for children because of this as I could never afford to have them tested or to be sued because I didn't have them tested. Would hate to see it cause problems for you.

HDMac said...

What a cute idea! I love it. May have to make a few for the grandkids to use! :) Thanks!!!