Friday, June 12, 2009

My Grandmother Fell

I told my grandmother that I was bringing Arya by her house today so the she could babysit for me while I sitting up for the craft show. So, we were running late and I pulled up in the driveway to her house. My mom walked out to my car; she arrived just minutes before. My grandmother had fallen in the garage and didn't have her phone with her. She had been laying on the floor waiting for 40 minutes. She knew I was supposed to be there soon, but I was late. I had tried to call her, but I didn't get any answer, now I know why. My mother and I tried to lift her up and couldn't. We had to call emergency services. They ended up taking her back to the hospital in the ambulance. We think she has broken her shoulder and possibly her arm. I saw a bone sticking up at her wrist (isn't wasn't poking through the skin, just making a bulge).

The last I heard from my mother was that they were taking her to get an X-ray. We still are not sure what is actually wrong/broken.

She really need to get one of the call alert bracelets, but she won't. She is too proud and doesn't want to other people to think she is "old" (her words)

One again, another tragedy on a Friday (Stormy's attack last week). I think I am boycotting Friday's!!

I will keep everyone updated!


HDMac said...

((((((Amber))))) I am so sorry! Will keep your grandma in prayer....

Crafty Sue said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother's fall, I hope you can convince her to wear one of those braclets if she lives on her own. I will keep her in my prayers!
Don't get too superstitious about Fridays or you'll end up like my mother-in-law... she won't take a tain or a plane on Fridays and is convinced she should never start anything on a Friday... she also says never get married on a Friday!
Well Fridays are taboo for her.
Keeping you all in my prayers.

Ginny said...

Oh Amber how awful. I have said a prayer for your grandmother and your family and will continue to pray for a quick recovery.

Mark said...

The same thing happened to my aunt.