Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh, No Bunny!!

I think these are so cute!! I got the idea for these bunnies out of an old craft magazine about 12 years ago. They have always been one of my favorites!!

The story of the bunny is, the bunny saw a pot of jelly beans and dove in to get one. He got stuck trying to get one of his favorite Easter treats!

3" white pom pom
1" white pom pom
scrap white felt
scrap pink felt
2" clay pot
hot glue gun

1. Cut white felt into 2 paw shapes. Cut pink felt into 8 small circles. Glue dots to paw.

2. Glue large pom pom to inside of pot.

3. Glue feet and tail to large pom pom.

You might have a hard time finding the 3" pom pom. I have mine left over from several years ago. There was a little craft shop here that sold all kinds of stuff like that, but they went out of business 5 years ago. The biggest ones I saw at Michael's were 2". Just make sure that your pom pom is 1" larger than the pot.


Crafty Sue said...

That's sss...oooo cute!
I love it.

Craftzilla said...

That is so adorable it is disgusting! So creative. Thanks!