Monday, March 23, 2009

Record Bowls

Really neat catch all bowls made from records! You could add a bottom to these to hold chips for a neat party decoration. Just make sure that use wipe with a dry towel and do not use any water.

Turn an oven safe bowl upside down in oven. Set record on top. Bake at 200* for 8 minutes. Carefully take out of oven. Begin to shape into a bowl. You may need to put it back into the oven to make it more pliable.

EDIT: Doreen @ Doreen's Creative Space just emailed me with a site talking about the hazardous vapors that comes from heating vinyl. You can find it here. I will call this a "do it at your own risk" project. Now, when I did this, I did notice a slight smell but nothing more than slight. The smell did not leave my kitchen and I didn't even feel it was strong enough to turn on my fan. I have used my oven several times after I made the bowls and there was no smell when I heated my oven up.

I thank Doreen for pointing this out so I can pass it along! Again, use your own judgement when heating vinyl in your oven!


Crafty Sue said...

Great idea... but do the records give off nasty fumes if put in the oven? Will the oven still be safe to use after doing this?
I'd like to know because I like the idea and would like to try it.

Doreen said...

I have always loved this craft but never got into it for the same concern that Sue was asking about.
Doreen said...

Great Idea, and with little effort one can find the records, but too as stated cautions should be taken. Thanks for sharing.