Monday, March 30, 2009

Swifter Style Dusters

A great alternative to buying expensive Swifter dusters! I would recommend rinsing in hot water before throwing in washing machine.

2- 8x8 pieces of fleece
2- 4x6 pieces of fleece
Swifter duster handle

1. Round the top edges of your pieces. Sew the small and large sections together in the center.

2. Sew the large sections together 1 1/4" from the center seam on both sides.This makes the slot for the handle.

3. Cut the fleece in strips almost up to the center seams. Fluff fleece and insert handle.

The original idea and instructions can be found on Flicker from


Megha Chhatbar said...

This is fantastic idea...:0 Thanks for sharing..BTW I have started a new blog dedicated to my sketch work — Art on Sketchbook

Ginger said...

Your keeping it real showing us this wonderful duster. Loved the idea posting relinking on my blog Sat. You rock!