Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo Tile Coasters

These are really neat coasters! You can print any image you like on them! Just think what a nice Mother's Day or Father's Day gift these coasters would make with your special photos on them! Only one word of advice before you begin, they are very addicting!!!

There is a really good tutorial at .Split Coast Stampers on how to make them. I followed these directions with no problems. I am not a stamper, nor do I own any stamps, so I did not stamp anything under my image. I also allowed the picture to wrap over the sides instead of centering my picture, otherwise I followed each step. I chose to print my pictures in Sepia tone, but you could use color or black and white also.

I got my tiles at Lowe's. They came in a box of 9 for about $4.00. Make sure your box says "Tumbled Marbled Tiles." I thought I had the right tiles at first, then I saw what I did need. I think there was 3 different colors of the tiles.

The first photo is an angel Ryan and I spotted at Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio. The second picture is the Harding Memorial in Marion, Ohio.


Crafty Sue said...

Thanks for sharing this nice idea.

Doreen said...

Thanks for sharing the instruction link and for showing us pics of what you have so nicely accomplished, well done Amber!
When you tape the tissue down for printing did it move through the printer smoothly? I'd love to try this : )

Karin said...

What an awesome idea, I will have to check out that tute!