Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Removing Rust from Cast Iron

I bought this pan at the Thrift Store a little while ago for $4.00, that's half price of the others. I knew there was a way to remove rust, but just wasn't sure how. I researched on the internet and asked family. Well, I got as many different responses as I did people. No one had done it themselves, just what they remember other family doing. After narrowing down my findings, there were two answers in common, 1: self cleaning oven 2: open fire.

I first decided to go with the easiest option, the oven. I threw my pan in the oven and turned on the self clean cycle. This is what the pan looked like after being set in the oven and after a good scrubbing:

It is cleaner but the rust seems to be much brighter and it is still there.

So, last night, I had Ryan build me a fire in our outdoor fire pit. I sat the skillet on top of the fire, no rack or anything. And left it there until the fire had completely burned out.

I brought it in the house this morning and scrubbed it really well. Here are the results:

I would have to say that the old fashioned fire method won!!

Here are some tips: I scrubbed the pan with one of those green scrub pads and used Bar Keeper's Friend to help cut through the residue. I then washed the pan in warm soapy water. Make sure, above all, to put the pan on the burner to dry it! Just turn the burner on high until the water is all dried up.

I am getting ready to re-season the pan and will post that after I have finished the process.


Crafty Sue said...

Thanks for sharing this useful information.
What a difference!!!

Patty said...

My Mom has a cast iron skillet that belonged to her Mom. My Grandma and Grandpa's house burned down, completely to the ground, in 1970 with the skillet in it. My Mom got it from the ashes, cleaned it up, re-seasoned it and still uses it! Can you imagine how hot the house fire was???!!! Those skillets are amazing!
Just wanted to tell you about Mom's skillet.
Patty (from Voy)

Janet, said...

I've got iron skillets, but have no luck cooking with them.My problem is that I like to wash them after cooking with them. People tell me not to do that, to just wipe them down and cook in them again. To dry mine, I would put them in an warm oven. Whenever I fried potatoes in them, they would turn black, any ideas why or suggestions for fixing that problem.