Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meet Nutmeg!

Yesterday when I went outside to take a picture of our cellar, I saw this cat on my back patio. I tried to "scare" it away because I wanted to let Daisy out. It didn't move! I am saying, "Cat if you know what's good for you, you'd move!" Nothing! So I trapped Daisy inside and went to check out this cat. I sat down to see if she had a collar on to find her owners. Of course not! While I am sitting, this cat jumps in my lap! I am not a cat person!! I am dog all the way!! With that being said, I would never be mean to any animal, I just don't like cats. She starts purring and rubbing up against my arms. I noticed how under fed she was. I went inside and found some wet dog food and fed her. I know, I know, I broke the number one rule: "Don't feed a cat if you ever want it to leave"!

Ryan comes home and I tell him the story. The cat is still hanging out on our back patio. The girls want to come outside and see her. They play a little bit and the cat leaves. After dinner, the cat is crying at my back door. She wants in! Ryan gives her some more food and puts an old sheet in the dog house for her with a bowl of milk.

So, I guess we have a cat now! She was still there this morning when we got up and hasn't left. When Ryan gets home from work tonight, we are going to go get some cat food and a flea collar.

I talked to the girls about names for our new pet. Jaiden suggested Nutmeg and Arya said Bob Bob (which is 1 year old for Sponge Bob).

Well, meet Nutmeg Bob Bob, our new pet!


Vera said...

Amber you have a good heart, good luck with the new addition..

Gifts That Say Wow said...

nutmeg Bob, what a unique name..Amber of course he was still there...if you were a stray cat, would you leave all those comforts...LOL