Friday, July 3, 2009

Anti-Advertising Totes

I found these bags the other day while web searching. I thought these are so neat and considering how inexpensive they are, just too great not to share!

A BIG THANKS to Kathleen for allowing me post her idea and instructions!!!

Here's what she said, "LOVE inexpensive reusable shopping bags, don't love advertising the local establishment - in this case Walmart. So I covered it up, with fun fabric. Here's how ..."

2 - 50¢ reusable shopping bags from Walmart
1 fat quarter
ruler, rotary cutter and matte - or scissors and ruler
blue bobbin thread - as close as you can come to matching the color of the bag - if you care, if you don't, any color will be fine.
coordinating or matching thread for the top.
Sewing machine

1. Iron out any wrinkles or creases in your fat quarter.
2. Cut the fat quarter into four strips 4.5" x 22".
3. Sew two strips together along the 4.5" edge, matching the design of the fabric as best you can to hide the seam. Finished strip should be 4.5 x 40ish
4. Trim any excess so seam is 1/4".
5. Iron down 1/4" - 3/8" of raw edge, on both of the long sides of your strip of fabric.
6. Pin fabric strip over printed Walmart logo, starting and stopping, in the side gusset panel of the bag. Use a ruler to measure ~ 5" from the top of the bag to insure your fabric strip straight all the way around your bag. I found that the exact measurement varied from bag to bag, as the logo must have shifted a bit during the printing/sewing process.
7. Trim fabric leaving 1/2" overlap, plus 1/2" to turn under. Pin in place.
8. Sew fabric to bag, sewing, 1/8" from the edge. Sew down overlap flap.
9. Reinforce pre-stitched side seams of bag and handles if desired.

Again, a BIG Thanks to Kathleen!! Be sure to visit her site,Tiny Stitches

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HDMac said...

Nice idea! And it personalizes them.