Monday, July 6, 2009

Lounge Around Towel

I made this towel for Ryan because he loves to lounge around in a towel after his bath. Okay, I know TMI (too much information), but I wanted to explain my reasoning. Also, Ryan (and I) have a hard time trying to find towels that actually fit abound us. Not that we are "large" people, Ryan has a little more to love around his waist, so it's hard to find a towel that comfortable.

The great thing about this towel is, you can make it as big as you need to fit! If you need 4 towels, not a big deal, it will still look great! Plus, this is a pretty basic sewing project, just straight lines!

I bought the $1.50 towels at Walmart, so they are a little shorter than probably a more expensive towel. It took 1 1/2 towels to make this one for Ryan. Make sure your towels do not have any designs on the ends because of how the new towel will be put together.

Towels (1 1/2 will get you an approx 36"-44" waist)
1" elastic -length is your measurement minus 3"

1. Cut the towels in half. Even though I used a full towel, I still cut it in half to make it flow better for the finished look.

2. Cut of the finished edge of the short ends on the towel. Be sure to leave the edges on the long sides, this will be the finished edge of the bottom of your new towel.

3. Sew your towel sections together to form a ring.

4. Turn down about 1 1/2" to form a casing for the elastic and sew it, leaving a small opening to fit the elastic. Insert elastic with a safety pin. Sew elastic together and sew opening closed.

5. Flip right side out and admire your new towel that actually fits!!


Anonymous said...

so creative:)!

Ginger said...

How cool bet he loves it. Have to copy your idea and make one. Need better towels. Loved this idea,hugsss

Doreen said...

You are always coming up with such great ideas, well done!

HDMac said...

I love the idea, Amber and you did a wonderful job with the tutorial! :) Thank you"!