Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ironing Board Face Lift

My ironing board was in desperate need of a new cover! I went looking for a new cover and they don't sell covers for the smaller boards, just the full size ones. So, I thought, why not make one myself? I had all of the supplies on hand, so it didn't cost me anything.

Material (I used an old sheet)
elastic (I used 1/4" for my small board)
1" thick foam

1. Turn your board upside down and trace shape onto foam. Cut out.

2. Trace your old cover (or trace the board and add an inch or more for overhang) onto material and cut out.

3. With the wrong side of the material facing you, sew on elastic. Make sure to stretch the elastic as much as you can while sewing. Go back and stitch again to make sure it is secure.

4. Place foam on board and cover with new cover.

This was my embarrassing old cover. I washed it and all of the elastic came out. The kittens also tore up the foam underneath (it was only 1/4" thick). It was definitely time for a new cover!!


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