Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend

Friday night we took the girls to a free festival a local church hosts every year. After it got dark, the city let off some fireworks. We all had a good time!

On Sunday, Ryan and I went down to Conway, Kentucky for a family reunion on my dad's side. It certainly was an interesting trip! Ryan had never been "down in the holler" before so this was a new experience for him. My family is from Jackson County, one county over, so I had been down there several times before. Ryan saw things that a "city boy" just isn't used to!

It rained horribly! Lightening struck about 200 yards from where we were eating. I have never heard such a loud sound and seen such a bright light! This "river" is the dirt road we had to use to leave the reunion.

This is a retainer wall made out of old tires.

I just thought this was interesting! It's a beautiful house with an old, ugly trailer out front. (I realize they are just using the trailer until the house it built, but it's still interesting!)

This is the downtown Cincinnati area I took from the car as we were driving by. It was so good to back in Ohio after driving 300 miles!!

This is the stadium where the Cincinnati Bengals attempt to play football.

We had a great time, but were so glad to be back home! It's good to get away, but so nice to come home!


Crafty Sue said...

Pity the weather was bad but I am sure you enjoyed your family reunion, I like the pictures and as for being happy to be back home ...ever heard of... *EAST, WEST, HOME'S BEST!*


Doreen said...

It's great to hear about your re-union and also that you made it home safely. Great pictures, thanks for sharing : )

Doreen said...

The girls look lovely in their new dresses...loved the one with them holding candy floss...I used to love it and so does my DD : )

HDMac said...

Amber, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Love the girls' dresses. They are just so sweet! :) And the pics you took are fun to look at .... good education for a city slicker, eh?? lol