Monday, July 27, 2009

Gas Calculator

I am wanting to go down to Chesnee, SC to get some more peaches and blackberries, but didn't know how much the trip would cost me. I found this really neat site that lets you figure out how much money you'll spend going from point A to point B. MPG Buddy allows you to select your car and does all of the hard stuff for you! Just enter in the year, make and model of your car from the drop down box. It will take you to another page where there is another box near the bottom. There, just enter in the price of gas and how many miles your trip will be and hit "Estimate". A number in blue will tell you how much you need to figure in gas. So neat!!

It will cost me $103 in gas to get to Chesnee, Sc and back. Now I just to figure out the price of the fruit and see if it's worth my time. Be sure to check out the site if you have a driving trip planned!

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