Saturday, July 4, 2009




Ebie (pronounced E-B)is the kitten Raven brought home the other night. We estimate him to be about 7 weeks old. Ryan fell in love with him because he reminds Ryan of his old cat, Tiger. We were calling him Freebie at first because we didn't have a name for him. Arya was calling him and it sounded like "EB", so that's how he got his name.

D'Argo was a gift from one of our neighbors. We had told our neighbor what had happened with Stormy, and he brought this kitten over to us Sunday and told us to give it to the girls. He has already been neutered and has been microchipped, a big plus! Ryan named D'Argo from one of our favorite TV series, Farscape. D'Argo is the same age as Raven, 3 months old.

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HDMac said...

Both are so cute. I am sure the girls are enjoying the new additions to the family. :)