Friday, July 31, 2009

The Adventures of Miss Arya

Yesterday I was getting some labels printed out for the Farmer's Market when my house went silent. You know that if you have young kids and silence surrounds you, they are into something. Little Miss Arya went into the bathroom, climbed into the tub, and stole my shaving cream. She then proceeded to spray it all over the floor and herself. That morning, she had her second bath within 2 hours and outfit #3 for the day!
I must say, the floor where I cleaned up the shaving cream has never been shinier!

Now I ask you, what do you get when you combine a box, a colonial hat, and a piece of PVC pipe? Well, George Washington sailing the Delaware, of course!

During our pretend play last night, Ayra went into the other room and came back with a box and said it was her boat. She then went and got the "George Washington hat" and the PVC. I asked her what she was and Arya told me "boat". Jaiden then spoke up and told me Arya was "George Washington sailing down the Delaware"!

Jaiden and I have been working on learning the first six presidents. I have her tell me the names and a little about each one. For some reason, Washington sailing on the Delaware is her favorite fact about him!

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Doreen said...

Cute pictures looks like Arya had loads of fun!
Isn't it amazing how fast we learn something when we really take an interest in it and not for the sake of just memorizing it : ) It seems like you have the right recipe for teaching and learning!