Friday, December 19, 2008

Anybody Want a Turkey Leg??

We just got home from the store and discovered Daisy had gotten in the kitchen garbage. She found herself a nice turkey drumstick. She only gets in the garbage about once every three months so, we did think anything about taking the trash out before we left. There was a huge mess!
She looks so mean in the other picture. She didn't growl at us so I guess I just got a bad picture of her. Daisy is one of the biggest babies!!! She will come over to you and throw her body weight on your feet and roll over to her back. She'll wiggle until you decide to scratch her belly.

Daisy has probably gained 20 pounds since the girls were born. They love to feed her. Arya will stand there and sneak Daisy her chicken nuggets. They each must give Daisy 2 dog treats everyday. I wonder what kind of agreement Daisy worked out with them??


Anonymous said...

ROFL She's SERIOUS about that bone! LOL

Janet, said...

We used to have a little dachshund and she got in our trash a few times. She,unfortunately, loved people food, especially chicken and spaghetti.

Ginger said...

Dasiy got christmas early LOL
pet are so fun i have a cat name tommy he has us trained too.
Merry christmas and have a wonderful joyfilled new year.